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Carefully handcrafted in Northumberland, we’re meticulous when it comes to detail. Every aspect of Hadrian’s Wall Gin is considered and crafted with care to meet our exceptionally high standards.

We’ve devoted time and effort to every stage in the production process: from the gin itself, and the way the different botanicals work together, to the bottling, labelling and finishing touches that make Hadrian’s Wall Gin special.


With generations of experience, our Gin Master is highly skilled in the complex art of artisan spirits. His innovative botanical combinations and steadfast eye for detail will leave you in no doubt that you've chosen the right brand.


The key to Hadrian’s Wall Gin is its unique and proprietary botanical design. We’ve carefully selected each and every ingredient with intent and purpose to give a fragrant and authentic flavour, providing a true reflection of Roman culture and its impact upon British society.

The Romans were influential in introducing us to a variety of botanical ingredients, some of which we've included in Hadrian's Wall Gin. Pimento, camomile, coriander, bay leaves & garden mint are just a few of the key botanicals working together to produce a truly unique flavour.


Small Batch production ensures complete perfection throughout the production process. We take a philosophical approach to manufacturing, where detail and craft influence the quality and characteristics of our gin.


We follow traditional but proprietary recipes that call for exact measurements of our chosen herbs and botanicals to create something that reflects traditional methods and modern flavours. 


As a result, the finished product is of the highest quality, appealing to a more discerning & sophisticated palette. 


We're proud of our heritage. That's why everything we produce is made in Northumberland, using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. 

There was a reason the Romans chose Northumberland for a number of settlements. Its soil is fertile, its produce is flavoursome & its people are full of spirit.

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