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Hadrian Collins

This is our take on the Rosie Collins; the cool younger sister of the legendary Tom Collins. We’ve mixed it up a little bit though and added, what we think, is a far better combination of ingredients. It works both ways though, so enjoy mixed with lemon, soda water and fresh rosemary if you’re that way inclined! 



- 50ml Hadrian's Wall Gin

- 125ml Fever-Tree Lemon Tonic Water

- Fresh lemon

- 25ml House of Braughton Simple Syrup 

- Fresh Raspberries.

- Ice



- Pour 50ml Gin into your Boston shaker.

- Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the Boston shaker. More if you prefer a bit more bite.

- Add two scoops of ice.

- Add the simple syrup.

- Seal the Boston shaker and mix.

- Add ice to your glass and double strain the cocktail mix.

- Top off with Fever-Tree Lemon Tonic Water.

- Garnish with Fresh Raspberries.

- Serve and enjoy!

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