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Lime & Ginger Fizz

Looking for a more traditional cocktail to satisfy the palette of a discerning gin drinker? Look no further. On the menu is the Lime & Ginger Fizz. This fruity, sweet-tart boozy drink will likely become a staple in any household it enters.



- 50ml Hadrian's Wall Gin

- 25 ml Ginger Syrup

- Fresh limes 

- Mint leaves for garnish

- Ginger Ale

- Fresh ginger



- Add gin to your Boston shaker.

- Add ginger syrup and freshly squeezed lime

- Add fresh ginger and lime wedge.

- Muddle & shake over ice.

- Strain contents into a glass filled with ice.

- Top with Ginger Ale

- Garnish with mint and fresh lime.

- Serve and Enjoy!

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