Hadrian's Wall Gin Rhubarb & Apple Liqueur

50cl | 20%ABV | £22

Hadrian’s Wall Gin Rhubarb and Apple Liqueur is a sweet and refreshing blend of our premium gin and the finest fruit flavours. It was the Romans who first introduced apples with a sweeter and greater taste and we’ve paired them with traditional British Rhubarb to create a gin liqueur that celebrates the best of both cultures. Handcrafted in Northumberland, we restrict production to small batches to guarantee gin liqueurs that are just as the Gin Master intended. Best served with Fever-Tree’s Elderflower tonic water, it’s equally as enjoyable served neat over ice, as it is in a cocktail.



Hadrian's Wall Gin is a registered trademark of the Pilgrim Spirit Company Ltd | Registered UK Business No: 11003382

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