Apple & Elderflower Sparkle

This is the perfect summer mix. Sit back and enjoy a perfect blend of refreshing and sweet, with a hint of mint for good measure. The real hidden gem with this cocktail? No crazy mixers, no added sugar, just simple unadulterated fruit. You’ll enjoy this one, we’re sure of it. 



- 50ml Hadrian's Wall Gin

- 1 bottle Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic

- Sliced Apple

- 25 ml sugar syrup - optional, but tasty!

- 1 cup blackberries

- Mint leaves for garnish



- Add the gin, apples and syrup to Boston shaker.

- Muddle and shake contents for 20 seconds.

- Strain over fresh ice into your glass.

- Top with Elderflower Tonic.

- Add more ice.

- Garnish with mint leaves and fresh blackberries.

The Emperor



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