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The Emperor

This is our take on the famous Cucumber & Dill Smash, and our signature cocktail for Hadrian's Wall Gin! It's light and refreshing, perfect for summer garden parties and impressing your friends and family! For an even sweeter cocktail, why not create your own cucumber sugar syrup at home? Enjoy!



- 50ml Hadrian's Wall Gin

- Simple Sugar Syrup 

- 1/4 Cucumber

- Fresh Dill

- Fever-Tree Soda Water


- Add the gin, syrup and fresh ingredients to your Boston shaker and muddle thoroughly.

- Ensure flavour amalgamation. Smell to test.

- Shake contents over fresh ice for 15 seconds.

- Strain contents into cocktail glass filled with fresh ice.

- Top with Fever-Tree Soda Water.

- Garnish with cucumber & dill.

- Serve and enjoy!

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